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The secret ingredients are love and fun

About BGUK

The secret ingredients are love and fun as intended from inception of these amazing Brazilian sweets.

Irresistible. It may seem a cliché, but this is the word that best describes the brigadiers (and other delicacies) of Brigadeiro Gourmet UK. A project developed by Kátia Hickmann, with the aim of spreading joy in the form of a brigadiero, between them have successfully introduced in many different countries in Europe: England, Scotland, Portugal, Netherlands…

Savor the true Brazilian brigadeiro, made with the finest ingredients chosen to bring you a gourmet experience.

Happiness is just a matter of chocolate!
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    We offer 18 different flavours of Brigadeiro – Traditional Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, Black & White Chocolate (known as Casadinho), White, Palha Italiana, Lemon, Pistachio with dark Chocolate, Coconut, Churros, Oreo, Peanut, Dried Milk, Ovaltine, Caipirinha, Strawberry Milkshake, Caramel, Dulce de Leche with Cinnamon and Hazelnut. There are also brownies (Traditional or with Nuts), New York style handmade cookies (Classics, Double Chocolate or Red Velvet) and homemade cakes to suit everyone’s tastes (WOW Cake, Naked Cake, Traditional Cake and, Volcano Cake, Red Velvet & Coconut Cake).You can choose the size, the flavor of the dough (the most tradicional Victoria Sponge (butter), Chocolate or a Brazilian’s favorite: Carrot) and the topping and filling will be brigadeiro.

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