About - Brigadeiro Gourmet UK


Makers of Brazil’s best-kept sweet treat in England

Katia Hickmann, a true carioca (long-standing Rio de Janeiro resident) missed this taste of her home country so much that two years ago she decided to make and sell them herself, after running various clothing and other businesses for 20 years in the UK.

Brigadeiros come in a number of different colours and flavours: they are little balls, almost truffle-like and a little light fudge in consistency, made by hand with swiss cocoa, condensed milk and double cream. They were first created back in the 1940s and vary in offerings, from milk chocolate to dark, milk and white, white, Ovaltine, biscuit, Oreo, pistachio, walnut, lemon, coconut, dulce de leche, peanut and hazelnut (their newest flavour!). They’re decadent and moreish and within a few months of launching to the UK, has garnered a fiercely loyal following.

Katia has been baking and cooking since she was 11, taught by her mother Dona Gildinha, who was a baker. Her little company also makes and sells the most stunning occasion cakes – from bright, outrageously gooey ‘wow’ cakes (cakes with a Perspex film that when removed allows the gooey cake toppings to fall down around the cake – too good for words) as well as Naked Cakes, Traditional Cakes and Volcano Cakes, with the option of choosing the size, flavour of the cake (choose between sponge, chocolate sponge or carrot cake) and the topping and filling – which, of course, will be made from brigadeiros.

To order, visit brigadeirogourmetuk.com or instagram.com/brigadeirogourmetuk