A sweet full of history

It was during the confinement that the four friends, of different nationalities but with a passion for chocolate in common, started to develop the idea. But in truth, the history of these brigadeiros begins before that, more specifically in the 1980s, when Dona Gildinha, from Rio Grande do Sul, spread magic to make cakes and brigadeiros for sale in that region of Brazil. Years later, Katia Hickmann would follow the art taught by her mother in the kitchen, but this time in Datchet – a picturesque neighbourhood near Windsor Castle, where she currently resides.

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Our partners

A gem entrepreneur and born communicator, the former flight attendant created Brigadeiro Gourmet UK after receiving high praise for her delicacies, which she offered as a Christmas present to clients she used to work with. But it is in a kitchen in Cascais that the idea of ​​Brigadeiro Gourmet LX starts to rise.

Longtime friend of Roberta Medina, it wasn’t long before Katia conquered the stomach of the businesswoman, who assumes she can’t live without chocolate. After experimenting with Hickmann’s recipe, it wasn’t long before Roberta Medina started to divide her days between the backstage of music festivals and the kitchen, with the aim of experimenting with new recipes and improving others. But two other key elements of this story still needed to be conquered, which did not prove to be a difficult task.

It was at the beginning of 2020, on a trip to London, that Catarina Marques Vieira fell in love with Hickmann’s brigadeiros. Classic love story at first crack. The lawyer, who, like the rest of the group, is also not a specialist in flour, sugar or chocolate, says she is happy to cook for others and ends up embarking on the project to help bring happiness to others. houses. Lucas Nogueira, the youngest of the group, aged just 23, was the missing piece (or ingredient).

Graduated in Economics from the University of Minho, he was retained in Brazil for 5 months due to the pandemic and it was there that he started creating cookie recipes to sell while he could not return to Portugal. Returning to Portuguese lands, Roberta Medina – who was already cooking the idea of ​​bringing the magic of Dona Gilda from Rio Grande do Sul, to Portugal – challenges him to integrate the project, along with his cookies.

And the rest, it is easy to imagine: many hours in the kitchen, many recipes, a lot of chocolate, a few doses of entrepreneurship, a few creative pints and voilá, the result could only be delicious – for the eyes, the palate and the soul!