Layer Cake Slices - Brigadeiro Gourmet UK

Layer Cake Slices


Cake Options: Please note that you can personalise all these cakes with the brigadeiro filling and topping of your choice.

Victoria sponge:A British classic! Our mouth-watering Victoria sponge cake has layers of moist fluffy vanilla sponge sandwiched with our own handmade brigadeiro filling and topping. Cut yourself a slice of this beauty and enjoy it with a nice cup of tea!

Chocolate:It’s no surprise that chocolate is loved by many and that’s why our moist chocolate cakes are a favourite to those wanting to savour a delicious dessert.

Carrot: Our Brazilian style carrot cake is nicely moist and fluffy and tastes like a sunny morning in springtime. It has a beautiful bright dough, and you can choose any brigadeiro filling you desire.

Coconut with chocolate sprinkles: An exquisite recipe with coconut milk and chocolate sprinkles which gives this cake a stunning appearance.