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Happily Paired Box with 20 units


Happily Paired also known as Happily Married or even Bem-Casados (in Portuguese) are traditional Brazilian treats that are served at weddings, bridal and baby showers or any other special occasion. In English, the name means ‘well married’ because the legend says that this wedding treat represents the couple’s union & commitment and also the promise of a life with luck and happiness.
The concept is similar to macaroons or whoopee pies where two bite-size sponges are filled with a choice of brigadeiro. The most traditional flavour is dulce de leche but at Brigadeiro Gourmet UK you have 5 different options of fillings to choose from.
These lovely treats are individually wrapped in tissue paper and ribbon with the most care to your special occasion!

Allergens: In our kitchen, we prepared products with peanuts, milk, eggs, wheat and other allergens so we cannot guarantee the risk of cross contamination.

Delivery Information: we kindly ask for 48 hours period to place your order before the delivery date available.